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Thank you for your interest in Emch Fundraising, LLC!  Our service standard is based on Luke 6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.  Combined with time-tested, high-quality products and a great profit...  in the end you have a fundraising experience that can't be beat!

Fundraiser Highlights
  • A high $5.50 profit per unit on pastries and $6.30 on cookie dough for most groups!  See chart*
  • Personal local service from start to finish
  • FREE samples and customized order forms
  • Delivery at NO CHARGE (some exceptions apply - see delivery service area for more details)
  • Full service delivery... INCLUDES SETUP and SORTING
  • Absolutely NO upfront costs
  • Group leader tools, including online Order Tally spreadsheet
  • Seller incentive - FREE $15 retail value cookie dough for every 25 items sold!
  • Products NOT sold in Retail Stores - sell time & again to repeat and satisfied customers
  • Quick fundraiser turnaround time
Understanding that your group's fundraiser is being done in your "spare" time, it is our goal to relieve you of some of the time consuming activities required. We provide a simple 5-step process and help you along the way.
Step 1
Program #1 Butter Braid pastries
Program #2 Wooden Spoon cookie dough
Program #3 Combination - Butter Braid pastries along with Wooden Spoon cookie dough
Program #4 Pastry Puffins standalone or combined with our Wooden Spoon cookie dough
Step 2
Call, send an email, or use our easy online sign-up tool.  We can help plan your fundraiser dates and walk through the key details (purpose, goals, etc.).  We will provide all materials needed to run your fundraiser.
Have a kick-off meeting (we provide FREE samples), hand out flyers, and explain your goals.  Promotion and participation are key ingredients to a successful fundraise.  For tips and ideas visit Boost Your Sales.
Step 4
Collect the forms and total your items sold by flavor for your group. You may use our handy order tabulator on our new online group leader portal.  For your peace of mind, orders may be modified up to 3 business days prior to delivery!
Step 5
We make it quick and easy.  You will be glad you chose Emch Fundraising with our full-service delivery.  Provide a table or two and we'll organize your items by flavor and sort your orders.
    - Please have your check payable to Emch Fundraising, LLC ready at delivery
Group Profit Chart* Price and Profit 

Profit Chart

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