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How do I sign-up?
Easy! Call or email, or better yet, click here to use our easy online sign-up process.

How long can the frozen products stay out of the freezer?
Butter Braids and Pastry Puffins are delivered frozen and will stay that way for approximately 2 - 3 hours after delivery depending on the temperature/environmental conditions.  Wooden Spoon cookie dough is also delivered frozen, however since this product can be refrigerated it can be at room temperature for approximately 4 - 6 hours after delivery.

Do you offer customized order forms for our group?
Yes we do!  We pre-print information on each order form that is specifically personalized for your group.  Items such as group name, checks payable to, order form turn-in date, delivery date, sales goal, and fundraiser purposee are the common items included.

Why can’t I buy them in stores?
By offering them exclusively through fundraising, superior quality is maintained and each customer is assured a fresh product.  Limited availability is also important to keep demand high and increase profits for our fund raising groups.

What if I am an interested "RETAIL CUSTOMER"?
Our products are sold exclusively through fundraising.  We can help your group get started with a fundraiser, or we can direct you to a group in your area that is currently selling our products.

What should I expect at delivery?
This is the part everyone loves.  We will arrive in our own delivery vehicle on the date and time selected. We will unload the products and put them in the order that they appear on the form(s).  The totals are checked in with you to show you that you have everything that you ordered.  We assist with sorting into individual orders (as allowed by our delivery schedule).  At a minimum, we will assist until you are comfortable with the process.  We strive to make this the least amount of work for you and a profitable, painless experience.

How long does the fundraiser take?
Most groups sell for two weeks.  After the order is called in we will deliver about 10 – 14 days later.  Your sale can be wrapped up in less than a month! It’s SIMPLE, FAST and FUN!

Do I collect money when I take the orders or upon delivery?
This is up to your individual group.  We suggest that you collect payment when your customer places their order. This way you have all the money collected in advance.  This serves two purposes.  One, the group member can make a smooth hand-off of the product to their supporter without worrying about money collections.  Two, you won’t be stuck with any product that is not paid for.

What is the minimum order?
None.  We don’t think it would be right to not provide product to a supporter that purchased our great tasting products.  They are not looking for their money back, they want to enjoy an outstanding product.  We will keep this commitment even if complications arise and a group only sells 40 or 50 items!  However, we may deliver at a time more convenient to our delivery schedule.

When do I pay Emch Fundraising?
Payment is due at the time of delivery.

Who do I make the check payable to?
Please have one check made out to Emch Fundraising, LLC for our portion of the sale.  For your convenience, we can email an invoice to you in advance through our accounting software.

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