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Butter Braid Pastries
With a broad presence across the nation, the original Butter Braid Pastries bring smiles to millions every year.  Still braided by hand and made with 100% real butter, the quality of Butter Braid pastries has remained true over the years and is our most popular product. For an overview of our programs click on the following link to download an e-mail friendly version of our fundraising INFORMATION PACKET.

  • Size:  22 ounces, frosting packet included
  • Selling Price:  $13.00 per item
  • Profit:  $5.20 to $6.50 per item depending on groups sales total
  • Zero grams trans fat

NEW premium flavor available Fall 2017 - Savory Four Cheese & Herb with marinara dipping sauce ($14 Price) Four Cheese & Herb

APPLE braided pastry - 22oz.
The All-American taste of sweet apple makes this a classic favorite!

Blueberry & Cream Cheese

BLUEBERRY & CREAM CHEESE braided pastry - 22oz.
A perfect match - Blueberry and smooth cream cheese - wow!


CHERRY braided pastry - 22oz.
A cherry lovers dream!  You can't go wrong with this favorite fruit filling..


CINNAMON braided pastry - 22oz.
The smooth cinnamon flavor will melt in your mouth as you experience America's most popular flavor choice.

 Strawberry & Cream Cheese

 STRAWBERRY & CREAM CHEESE braided pastry - 22oz.
 Strawberry and cream cheese meet in the middle to make this a mouthwatering treat that you will never forget.

 Caramel Rolls

 CARAMEL Butter Braid Pastry Rolls - 23oz.
 A long time favorite is back!  Rich, gooey caramel glaze drenches every delicious bite.  You'll find it really hard to eat just one!

 Four Cheese & Herb

 FOUR CHEESE & HERB Butter Braid Pastry Rolls - 23oz.
 This savory flavor profile features a four cheese blend of mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and cream cheese with a hint of oregano. The pastry dough is flavored with a blend of Italian seasonings. Includes marinara sauce perfect for dipping!

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